Latest Developments

Our home page probably looks different, doesn't it? Everything is being re-written and added to. The whole site is being actively developed while live so expect that things are going to change, grow and improve as time goes on. The awesome new snow-capped logo in our header is the brain-child of The Bruce; a good friend and one of the best graphic designers in the area.

One of the most actively developed (and newest) sections is the MARV section. Lots of hard work is going on integrating both geographic database and multimedia capabilities into this section. Plans are also in the works for live graphs of many types of flight data. These graphs will be integrated into the system in this section as well.

As always here, system security is of the highest priority. Our entire back-end is getting just as much of a face-lift, even though it may not seem like it. A lot more goes on behind the blue curtain than most are aware of. You usually won't notice unless something goes wrong and you see an error message. If you see one, however, we see it automatically as well.

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